Tuesday, March 17, 2009


HELP! I don't have much time to blog. I am at my co-worker's St. Patty's party and I was having a good time but you will not believe what happened. LARRY IS HERE! He arrived ten minutes ago. And he is deliberately ignoring me.


OMG, I can see him right now. He is flirting shamelessly with an Ariocarpus retusus (who looks like a TOTAL slut). OMG, I think he just saw me watching him.

This is a disaster. I just told Miles that we have to go home and stupid Miles said, "No way."

So now I am stuck at a St. Patty's party with awful ugly Larry. Ok. I can do this. I will rise above the situation. I will repeat my mantra:

Dignity and Grace. Dignity and Grace. Dignity and Grace.

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