Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mistakes Were Made.

So. Last night.

I am told I drank a lot. I am told I flirted shamelessly with Larry. And I am told I climbed on the buffet table and sang selections from Aladdin and The Little Mermaid (see photo below).

I do not remember any of this. I remember posting a blog entry after Larry arrived. I remember kicking Miles in the shin because he refused to take me home (designated driver, my ass). And I remember heading to the bar.

After that, everything becomes fuzzy.

Photos were taken. Photos were posted on facebook. And photos were generously forwarded to all my co-workers.

I have tried to reconstruct my evening by consulting these photos. So, apparently, in the photo above, I am serenading the audience with Under the Sea. This sounds like something I would do.

But I have absolutely no idea what is happening here:

Can anyone tell me what I'm wearing? Is that like a parachute skeleton??

And, more importantly, can anyone tell me why I woke up here:

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