Monday, March 2, 2009

Om My Ass.

I have what some would describe as a Type A personality. I'm sick of feeling stressed every morning before I even start my commute, so I decided to try meditating every morning for ten minutes.

Holy crap, meditation is hard! I sat down in a comfortable but alert position next to an inspiring statue that is either the Buddha or Gandhi. Then, I let my mind empty and started to chant, "Ommmm, Ommmm, Ommmm." It seemed easy for about 19 seconds. My mind was a blank slate. But then, I couldn't stop thinking - "What am I going to wear to work today? Maybe that cute new jacket I got at Nordstroms this weekend. I feel bloated. It's cold. I really like ketchup."

I tried lighting candles and focusing on the flames. But I got worried that a breeze would knock over one of the candles and set the table on fire.
I'll try meditating again tomorrow. Maybe it gets easier with practice?

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