Sunday, March 1, 2009


Miles did this to me:

I do not work on Fridays. Usually, I devote Fridays to sleeping and watching t.v. But, since I am such a good friend, I agreed to help Miles tweak his resume today and draft some cover letters. We decided Miles needs to think outside the box if he is going to find employment in this economy. Miles thought it would be cool to work at Disneyland because then at least we might get some discounts on the park admission. The Matterhorn would probably be the best fit for Miles because it involves snow; but Miles is probably not scary enough to be a yeti. He is not exotic enough for the jungle boat ride, and the teacups are out because of his motion sickness.

What about the Pirates of the Carribean? Most of the pirates wear vests, and Miles has a vest. Some of the pirates are wearing hats and scarves - Miles is obsessed with his hat and scarf! It seems like a perfect fit. Miles got really excited with this job idea and started practicing his pirate moves. He started swiping his pen around in the air like a pirate sword and then -


I did not faint, but I think I need to see a plastic surgeon.

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