Sunday, March 1, 2009

Despondency and Despair.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. I decided to go home "sick" and take advantage. On the roof of my apartment building, there is a jacuzzi. Perfect. I LOVE water and I really need to work on my tan. I am thinking about joining an online dating site, and that can only happen if I have a really hot profile photo.

You can imagine my horror when I got home and found this:

WTF?? The jacuzzi is closed? What could poossibly justify closing the jacuzzi? I don't care if the health board thinks the water is infected with a virus that could spawn a deadly world epidemic! Wendy needs some hot tub action!!!

A weight of despondency and despair descended on to my shoulders, and I collapsed.

I just lay there for several minutes. I didn't cry.

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