Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Hate Myself.

That is not peanut butter on my face. I have been following my diet religiously and only eating carrots and Red Vines. I did not go bat shit crazy and have a peanut butter binge.

Well, maybe I had a nibble of peanut butter. And really, "nibble" is too strong a word. It was more like I opened the jar of peanut butter and just inhaled the sweet aroma of roasted peanuts, sugar, and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Ok. I'm lying - I went completely bat shity crazy. One minute I was watching t.v., calmly chewing a carrot. And then the next thing I knew, I was half-conscious, covered in peanut butter, and chanting "Fat ugly beast. Fat ugly beast." I hate myself.

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