Sunday, April 26, 2009

Larry Sent Flowers!!!

I realize these flowers are probably discounted rejects from Assistant's Day, but still - LARRY SENT ME FLOWERS!!!

Cherished Readers, I have a confession to make it. There is something that you do not know about me. I feel I have been misleading you. I should come clean.

I think I need a glass of wine first.

Ok. I'm just going to say it. Like tearing off a band-aid. No one has ever sent me flowers before. I know! It's awful. Believe me, I am as confused as you are. How is it that a smart, gorgeous, emotionally-stable cactus like myself has never received flowers until today? I guess stranger things have happened (although none come immediately to mind). But Larry sent me flowers, so now we have to get married.


  1. If you go back to Larry, you are dead to me.

  2. You're out of control, Wendy. More flowers coming.

  3. Did the flowers come with a note?