Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm So Humiliated.

I am getting ready for my date with Larry. He is taking me to a super trendy and expensive restaurant. According to the Internet, all the important Hollywood agents take their important celebrity clients to eat there. So, I need to look my absolute most fabulous.

And I have a zit.

What do I do??? I have tried every trick I know. First, I put on concealer, but instead of a massive red zit, I now have a massive brownish bump on my face. The concealer just screams: "Zit! Zit! Zit!"

I am 32 years old. At my level, I should not have to deal with this crap. Look, acne is great for junior high students - it's like a chastity belt. But I am a modern woman, with modern needs, and those needs do not include PIMPLES.

Should I cancel my date with Larry? Or, should I go on my date with Larry, and just be prepared to put out a little more? If Larry is stuck having dinner with Zitty Wendy, he's going to expect some action...

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