Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My blog has a new feature! Look to the right. See the chippy new email link? I did that all by myself. I customized my layout and added the HTML stuff and it only took about 50 minutes.

I'm exhausted. Larry thinks I'm doing a pilates routine. He is zoned out in front of ESPN. Is he ever going to leave? I can't get rid of him! I went to work today, and Larry sent me SEVENTY-TWO emails. "Are you mad at me for crushing for Miles?" "Do you love Miles more than you love me?" "Has Miles called you yet?" "I love you." "Do you have a corkscrew?" "I just took a nap." "Have you ever dated Miles?"

Oh my god, it's like I'm dating a crazy 14 year old girl. No, it's worse. It's like I'm dating myself.

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