Thursday, April 28, 2011

Investigative Reading

I do not understand men.  I am a beautiful, sexy, well-adjusted and emotionally mature woman ... and yet, I am single.  Men should be following me around like a pack of wild dogs, just to get a whiff of my pheromones.  I need to know more about the Male Mind so I can find my wealthy, handsome soul mate and have an expensive wedding.

I bought a copy of Men's Health to do some investigative reading.  This is obviously a reputable resource.  One of the cover articles is "Look You Best Now!" and appearances are the most important thing. 

Oh.  Oh my.  This is an interesting ad. Why aren't there ads like this in women's magazines? 

Well, hello!  My name is Wendy.  You are so beautiful.

Oh gentle Jesus.

I might need to subscribe to Men's Health.  For the articles, of course.

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