Monday, September 27, 2010

Wendy the Bride

I started planning my wedding before I could walk. I remember laying in my crib, trying to decide on the perfect color scheme. I could never decide between pink-yellow and fuschia-yellow. My parents were concerned that I had health issues or was just really stupid because I was really slow to do boring baby things like crawl and talk, but that's just because I was so fixated on planning my dream wedding.

Even though I am still searching for Mr. Right, I subscribe to all the bridal magazines and pore over every page. 

I like this ad because it suggests wearing three dresses on your wedding day - excellent idea!  The entire day is about being the center of attention, and some costume changes will make sure everyone keeps their focus on the bride.

Is it too early to register?  I know traditionalists wait until after the engagement, or at least until after meeting The One, but is it ever too early to pick a china pattern?

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