Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last September, I was not looking so good.  Some would say I looked "rough" or maybe even "haggard."  So I decided it was time to make some changes. I substituted green tea for vodka, carrot sticks for donuts, and yoga for self-destructive behavior.  I did NOT have plastic surgery, okay?  I am here to silence all of the haters who have suggested I went under the knife in order to achieve my current state of perfection and gorgeousosity.  I did not get any implants, injections or nips and tucks. 

Okay.  There might have been a little botox.  But this is L.A. and that is it, I swear.

As you might recall, this was me, the 2010 version:

And, ta da!  The new and improved, lightly Botoxed Wendy:

I don't think I look that different.  It's very subtle and tasteful.  I attribute my improved appearance entirely to the green tea.

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