Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Pink Boa Resolution - Week One Update

Ok, so it's been a week since I resolved to wear my pink boa non-stop until I find the love of my life (or, alternatively, a very wealthy and easily manipulated man who wants to marry me).  Honestly, I'm surprised that a week has passed and I'm still single.  I promise, I have been wearing this damn boa 24/7.

I wear it while reading to expand my mind:

While contemplating my fresh organic selections from the farmers market in order to decide what I will cook for the orphanage and the homeless shelter:

While listening on the phone to a friend who is going through a challenging spot and needs some support and compassion:

And of course, while getting two or three hours of beauty rest (give or take eleven or twelve hours, on the average day.  Hey, I'm very beautiful, ergo lips loquitor, I need more beauty sleep than the rest of you schlubs):

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