Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wendy the Knitter

Exciting news: I am going to learn how to knit! This is going to be so awesome. I can see it now: I'll be that quirky but hip girl knitting at the coffee shop; all the hot hipster guys will fight to buy me lattes. I'll knit my entire wardrobe - sweaters; scarves; hats. This time next week, I'll probably have finished my first sweater. I can knit everyone's Christmas gifts and all my loved ones will be so touched that I made their present this year. I'll join a knitting group and meet this really fun and exciting knitter, Nancy, and Nancy has a twin brother who is just perfect for me and even though he just broke up with his girlfriend of three years, he is still emotionally available and ready for a serious meaningful relationship.

Ok, enough blogging - I have to get my knit on! Someday, when I'm on Oprah, I'll have to remember to tell Oprah about the day I learned how to knit. I can already tell this is one of those life-changing moments.

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