Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Miss Coffee. A Lot.

Why does everyone assume I had plastic surgery?  Readers, please, my parents gave me a nose job for my 16th birthday and that is it.  I did not get any implants or have liposuction.  This is just me, looking fabulous, now that I have embraced a healthier lifestyle.  I practice yoga, I drink green tea and I meditate three times a day.  I only eat and drink health foods. I do not poison my body with things like chocolate or alcohol.

My guru also says that caffeine is a toxin that must be avoided on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Sometimes, I really hate my guru.

This morning, I went to breakfast.  I ordered a cup of coffee.  Then, I just sat and gazed at the sweet, beautiful elixer.  I let the heavenly smell slowly waft towards me. I almost had a profoundly spiritual moment.

Then I drank the entire cup of coffee in one gulp and burnt the back of my tongue. 

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