Friday, January 22, 2010

What A Miserable Week.

It has been raining since Sunday afternoon and I am officially sick of the g.d. rain. Jo took about a million photos of me this week - Wendy brushing her teeth, Wendy taking out the trash, Wendy driving the car, Wendy flirting with the barista at Starbucks - and I'm not posting a single effin photo because my hair is frizzy and I look like crap.

Jo is THIS CLOSE to getting on my last nerve. She. Never. Stops. Talking. And she is so self-absorbed. It's just Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo's ruined marriage, Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo's broken heart. Thank god I am not so self-centered. I am a very compassionate and loving friend. When Jo starts to talk about her ruined marriage, I interrupt her as quickly as possible and start talking about my crappy marriage. See, it's not because I want to talk about myself (even though I am much more interesting than Jo). No, it's because I am trying to distract Jo and show her that she is not alone. Aren't I amazing?

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