Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet Chicken.

This is Chicken! (Chicken would say hello, but he can only 'peep,' poor thing.)

I was going to adopt Chicken on Saturday but then I had a panic attack. What if I meet the man of my dreams and we don't have time to go on a romantic date because Chicken has a nasty rash? Or, what if I meet the man of the dreams and he hates birds? Or what if I'm at a bar, and I meet the man of my dreams, but he just laughs because I am covered in feather bits and smell like a chicken coop?

I was feeling guilty about my reservations, but then something magical happened - Chicken met Miles.

It became immediately apparent that Chicken belongs to Miles. So Miles adopted Chicken, and now I am Chicken's aunt. Or maybe I am a pet-owner-in-law? Whatever, I am going to spoil Chicken rotten.

p.s. This final photo is so friggin' cute, I could vomit.

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