Saturday, July 18, 2009

It Started With Flowers.

I cannot believe this is happening: I have become a Cautionary Tale.

Yes. I, Wendy the Cactus, have become That Girl. The girl who got swept off her feet by romance and sweet whispered nothings. The girl who abandoned all reason and sense and turned her lifed into a big complicated pile of crap.

And I know, Cherished Readers, that you are as shocked as I am. I have always been the Sensible One. Did you ever think I would be so foolish as to marry a man I barely know? Of course not.

But how could I resist? This man - my husband (oh just kill me now) - sent me the most spectacular bouquet of flowers. Just look at them. I was mesmerized.

And, just to make matters more intriguing, the flowers arrived WITHOUT A NOTE. How could I help myself? I fell in love with the mysterious flower sender.

I still haven't told my mother.

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